Welcome to my pro level photography page.  I was born in Panama but lived and called New York City my home for many years. I’ve survived many famous events in NYC. Events like blackouts, riots, snowstorms, disco, the birth of Hip Hop, and polyester.

Attending the NYC school system I gravitated towards my two love, cars and photography. With Photography it gave me the opportunity to use the dark room and chemically develop film which was very artistic and granularly. I soon after joined the U.S. Marines Corp. and served for my new adapted country and travelled the world, taken pictures and documenting my adventures. After the military it was natural to return to New York City and enjoy all it had to offer. A super opportunity fell on my lap and I worked in a major advertising company for many years. This experience honed my craft. I completed and received my Bachelor degree in computer science from the New York City college system. It was time for a week vacation and like some of us. I came down to Florida and 10 years later I’ve not left and made it my base traveling back and fort to NYC.

My photography approach I consider it to be an interactive, fashion, documentary style with an artistic flair.
This style is accomplished by using my coined term “ALC” angles, lighting and concepts.

The dmphotographyinc workflow is streamline from invoices to contracts. And I have an easy method of delivery, which results in high quality best practices and a fast turn around time.

Thank you for considering me for your future business.

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